TST Member Classification

18 Sep

TST Shopping Mall Administration  put their members into three main categories so that our members could achieve their benefits accordingly.

1- Guest Members 

The members who visit the site and subscribe us and no order is  yet placed by them or a single order has been done by them will be treated as Guest Members, however Guest Members can claim Free shopping Voucher of Rs. 200 after placing their first online order.

2- Regular Members

The members that have become our regular customers and shop with a minimum amount of Rs. 2500 every month are named as Regular Members. these members are eligible for Free shopping Voucher of Rs. 300 every month.

3- Prime Members

The regular members that reach a minimum monthly shopping target of Rs. 5,000 will be assigned as our Prime Members, these honorable members will be able to get a free shopping voucher of Rs. 500 + free surprise Gift every month 

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